Week 1-2: Discovery

3-5 experts deploy to a State Democratic Party to uncover challenges and identify necessary infrastructure improvements. They conduct interviews with leadership, staff, volunteers, contractors, vendors, the local technology ecosystem, and the political community about how technology is developed and used, and what systems could be improved with better tech.

Week 3: Report

Lab 736 team delivers a report and recommendations to the Party Leadership and prioritizes based on strategic plans and staffing/budget constraints.

Week 4-7: Resolution/Improvement

Lab 736 works with the Party to resolve the issues identified during discovery. This is done both remotely and with teams returning to the Party to work with staff, conduct additional interviews, provide trainings, or work with hardware or infrastructure.


With every deployment we learn more about what is needed and what can be done to improve tools and trainings for other State Parties and the DNC, and upgrade the entire democratic structure simultaneously.