Collectively, we have rebooted the State Dept visa system after a 2 week failure, relaunched after the crash, set up innovation teams to address the Ebola crisis, and worked with 200+ candidates and campaigns.


Eric Maland, co-founder

Eric Maland has spent more than two decades writing software, designing scalable systems, and building engineering teams at early-stage startups such as, Google, and Twitter. In 2014 he turned his focus to civic service and moved to the White House to help stabilize several systems across several federal agencies, including and the visa system.


Kate Gage, Co-founder

Kate Gage has spent nearly the last decade working in the Obama Administration on the intersection between technology and global challenges. Most recently she worked in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, co-founded the Global Development Lab at USAID where she led the use of tech and data for the Ebola response, and spent 11 months on the 2008 Obama Campaign. In 2015, she spent 3 months in West Africa doing user centric design with the USAID staff to increase their adoption of technology. She holds a BA from Dartmouth.


Liz Jaff, Co-founder and Advisor

Liz Jaff works at the intersection of politics and technology and and is dedicated to breaking down barriers of entry for candidates to run for office. Formerly VP of Business Development for Crowdpac.Inc, Jaff is a Veteran Organizer of the Obama '07, '08 and '12 campaigns and ran John Delaney's (MD-06) re-election in 2014. Jaff worked at the White House, Department of Commerce and U.S. Agency for International Development, sits on the board of Netroots Foundation and serves as an appointee on the DNC Transition Team after her run for DNC Vice Chair.


Lavora Barnes, Chair, Michigan Democratic Party

Phaedra Chrousos, Former Commissioner for the Technology Transformation Service at GSA

Mikey Dickerson, Former Administrator, U.S. Digital Service

Todd Park, Former White House Chief Technology Officer

Deepti Rohatgi, Head of Slack for Good and Public Affairs, Slack

Megan Smith, Former White House Chief Technology Officer, Former Director, GoogleX

Nicole Wong, Former Deputy US Chief Technology Officer