We are addressing Democratic State Parties first because they are the front lines of the Democratic Party. 

They are responsible for recruiting candidates, training local volunteers, and strategizing effective campaigns. The state parties contain invaluable local knowledge and possess the expertise and networks needed to win. 

Unfortunately, they have not typically kept up with the latest innovations in data and technology. 

In a rapidly changing digital environment, the Democratic Party has to evolve its approach to tech, security, data, and user engagement. State Parties need better infrastructure to execute.

In the business of politics, votes are the bottom line and winning is profit. With less time spent on day-to-day operational tasks, I’m free to focus on the work that gets results — recruiting candidates and giving them the tools they need to win.
— - Lavora Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, Michigan Democratic Party

Currently, State Parties have either very few or no technologists on their staff, and contract much of their tech work to 3rd party vendors. The tools they use are rarely updated, often outdated, and we know there are a number of custom built systems that require continual maintenance or are not in line with current available technology. They are also in need of a technology security audit.

Local Democratic Staff can be using the kind of tech tools available to the private sector to optimize their use of time and money in a secure way.

The technology exists. State Parties do not currently have access to it or know how to deploy it.