Lab 736 is heavily influenced by the the United States Digital Service - an emergency response team of private sector technologists recruited by President Obama’s White House to help prevent mission critical technology failures across our government. Many of our team members come from USDS and because of their experience with the Federal Government, are uniquely equipped to deliver within bureaucracies. 

We recruit experienced technologists from the private and civic sector, embedding them with Democratic State Parties for intensive discovery periods to determine what is and isn’t working. Then we work with them to fix their systems and processes, cutting costs, improving efficiencies, and building stronger, more effective organizations.

Throughout each deployment, Lab 736 serves as a feedback loop to ensure that our on-the-ground findings are improving how tech is developed and deployed across the progressive landscape. It is not just State Parties who benefit from this approach.

We are a not-for-profit organization that works explicitly with the Democratic Party.